I think I could do one more, just for you :). It makes me sad that I don’t see you regularly anymore. Hugs from you are my favorite. We’ve had so many good times together - I was going to mention camping as one of them, but that was a complete fail. But still fun, I think!! We still need to have our “bad” night - I’ll have a house with people soon, so we can do it then! Anyways, you’re one of my very favorite people - i don’t think we’ve ever really had issues with each other. You’re gorgeous, and interesting, and SO funny. The first time we really talked was in jterm when we had to interview each other, and I remember you talked about tea, and I thought that was awesome. You’re amazing and I miss you lots!!

This is the most stressed I have ever been in my entire life. That is not an exaggeration. Everything is happening all at once and everything is so important, and I have a severe sense of impending doom. I just want to curl up into a ball and cry, but THERES NO TIME.